Another sunny day in Egypt

Got woken up by the sun , another sunny day in Cairo , the weather will go up to 40* today so I’ve got my shorts on , my bottle of water and went out with no plan whatsoever..

It’s 7 PM and the shops are starting to open up , as you know , I didn’t have breakfast yet , so I decided to have a traditional Egyptian breakfast today , Some Ful (Beans) , Falafel , Eggs, yogurt and Egyptian bread , it was really tasty and much cheaper than any breakfast I have ever had , it was less than 1 English pound !

Afterwards ,I decided to go to the Egyptian Museum , which is located at Tahrir Square  , Cairo’s traffic is insane , when it’s around the noon time the streets get so packed up with cars that you can the cars  hardly move , also the underground metro gets so filled up by people going home after work  , so I decided to have a walk, watching its beautiful old buildings downtown , the people having breakfast before they go to work , shops starting up and the streets getting busy .

Got to the Egyptian Museum and it was an unforgettable experience , its so rich with monuments and information about Ancient Egypt and the Pharaohs , you wont be allowed to use your camera in there but it is an unforgettable experience .

I went back to my hotel for dinner and some rest , and at night , I visited the famous Khan Al Khalili !
Khan Al Khalili is a place where you can find traditional gifts and souvenirs that you can buy , some of the oldest streets and mosques you can find in Egypt , and most  importantly is the beautiful Al Muezz Street , it’s like an open air museum !

Can’t wait to go to Sharm ElSheikh next week !

Thank you for your time 🙂

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