Pack your bags , Egypt is your Holiday Destination this summer !

Surely you need some time off work , to forget all about the routine , switch off your phone and relax ,whether you like to relax on the beach , dive , or even experience a new culture , Egypt has got so much to offer you , let’s get into it ..

The reason that would make you interested and consider travelling to Egypt is the budget , we always think about the cost before planning the summer holiday , but in Egypt you surely dont need to worry at all , as the currency exchange rates nowadays are definately in your favour , today 1 US Dollar equals a bit over 18 Egyptian pounds , also 1 British pound equals 23 Egyptian pounds , Really Cheap isnt it !

Having a tropical weather that goes up to 42* in summer , you will get your dream tan in a couple of day ,you will feel the heat and be sure that you will enjoy the sun every single day of your holiday
Egypt is a tropical paradise , where you can enjoy laying on the beach , swimming with some dolphins , snorkeling around the coral reefs and the tropical fish , and diving . You can also choose from so many activities like going on boat trips , glass boats , parachutes and much more , there is alot of cities on the beach that you must visit like the famous Sharm ElSheikh , Hughada , Marsa Alam , Marsa Matruh , Ain Sokhna and Northcoast !

The Nightlife in Egypt is crazy , people there stay up till the sunrise , with plenty of nightclubs and bars near most of the tourists attractions you will surely enjoy your night there

If you would like to experience the Egyptian Culture and learn about the History of the Ancient Egyptians I really recommend travelling to Luxor , a city located in south Egypt on the Nile river , where you can experience the beauty of the nature and experience the simple Egyptian daily life and visit luxor temple too , from there you can always visit the pyramids by EgyptAir , only 1 hour flight .

by the way , I just wanted to mention that Egypt is just as safe as the European countries nowadays and it may be even safer than some of them , so there is no need to worry more than you would at home .

Thank you for your time 🙂


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