Why you should visit Sharm ElSheikh today

Sharm El Sheikh is a resort town located on the red sea , it is well known for it is amazing sandy beaches , clear water and breath-taking diving and snorkeling spots .
Meanwhile , Sharm El Sheikh is having a tough time as the tourism is down because England and Russia didn’t resume direct flights to Sharm ElSheikh’s International airport yet after the Russian plane crash that happened in November 2015 , a lot of other countries are allowing scheduled flights to Sharm Elsheikh and it is definitely safe ! Here is some reasons why you should visit Sharm ElSheikh today even if direct flights are banned  :

1) “Money Exchange rates”

Did you know that £1 equals 22.90 Egyptian pounds and  $1 equals 18.28 Egyptian pounds according to today’s exchange rate in Egypt  , Which means that with your holiday budget you can be Egyptian rich !

2) ” Weather Conditions ”


The weather in Sharm ElSheikh is warm throughout the year , Today the 16th of December 2016 the weather is 23 degrees in Sharm ElSheikh which is great for winter , in summer time it reaches amazing 40 degrees !


3) “Activities”

Sharm El Sheikh is well know as one of the most popular diving destinations in Egypt and the red sea , it has an incredible underwater heaven made of the colorful reefs and the amazing tropical fish .

Sharm lies between Sinai desert and the red sea , so in Sharm you can have the best safari experience between its dark mountains and even sit with the Bedouins and have some tea !


Well , what can we say about Sharm ElSheikh’s nightlife , when you are in sharm you feel like the city never sleeps ! it is full of lights and shops all over , also has got some amazing night clubs where you would love to spend all night there !

Sharm is amazing and I can talk about it forever , once you visit it you can never stop coming back ! I was there last month and already booked my next holiday there ..Cant wait to go back
Remember , you can always fly to Sharm ElSheikh via Cairo on EgyptAir , also there is a lot of other routes via different countries .


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