The Pyramids of Giza Today ..

As the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still standing .. we all expect the best management and the highest level of consideration and respect to this iconic  place for it’s historical significance .
How do you think it would be if you are going to the Pyramids right now ? Do you expect well educated people who can speak your language fluently ? People who have studied hospitality and tourism ? a help desk in case you need anything ? Well , Unfortunately this is not the case today .

” Going to Pyramids Sir ? I  offer good price ! ”
There is 3 ways of getting to the Pyramids , a tour organized by your hotel / tour agency , public transportation , and taxis , most of the tourists , if not all , go for the third option .
Going to pyramids sir ? good price for you ! That is the first thing you will hear once you get out of your hotel , that will be an ordinary taxi driver . sounds helpful right ?
Every ordinary taxi has got a fare calculator that he needs to turn on once you get in the taxi so you would know how much you should be paying for this trip , so if he is not a scammer then he can’t say he would promise you a good price as he can’t control how much the calculator would count , but the truth is that he will never turn the calculator on and he will ask you for double the price , if not triple !

” Good Morning , Do you wanna ride a camel ? “
While you are walking to the pyramids enjoying Egypt’s gorgeous weather and bright sun , you will be interrupted and hassled by an Egyptian guy walking beside you in a creepy way saying those words , while he is talking to you you will find that his eyes are wondering around checking if the tourism police is around , if you don’t answer he is going to say to you that you are walking the wrong way , and try to show you ” FAKE ENTRANCE ” to the pyramids !
This Fake entrance is where the camels and horses are , once you get there you will find that you can’t get near the pyramids unless you ride a camel or a horse , so you will end up paying the price that HE CHOOSE so you can get out of this trap !

” Do you want to take a picture with the Pyramid ? ”
Now you got in , you are walking just around the pyramids that you can touch them , sit on their massive rocks , taking pictures of them and amazed by how great they are in person and much bigger than the pyramids ..While enjoying all of that you will hear someone asking you if you want him to take a picture of you with the pyramids using YOUR Camera or phone , A picture of me at the pyramids on Facebook ? How amazing is that ! Sure you will agree and give him your camera .
He will take some pictures of you and before he gives you your camera back he will ask for a ridiculous amount of money in a way that would make you know clearly that if you don’t pay you may say goodbye to your camera .

“Sir it is illegal to be here without a tour guide , pay me !! ”
While you are wondering around you will find a man telling you that it is illegal to be around the pyramids without a certified guide , which is nonsense because logically they would have told you on the main gate while you are paying for your ticket !

How to avoid those scammers ?
its recommended that you visit the pyramids in a group tour with a tour leader , but if you wanna go alone then here are some tips :
1) Ask your hotel to arrange transportation for you , or download Uber and Careem Apps for transportation .
2) Don’t answer anyone who is trying to talk to you near the main entrance and head straight to the tickets desk .
3) Don’t let anyone use your camera or phone even if they say it is free .
4)ask for prices in Egyptian pounds , not USD or GBP .
5)The police is station is near the pyramids if you need any help .

This article is not to put Egypt down , Egypt has got a lot of  honest people who are willing to help you with nothing in return ,  people who are well educated and open minded , those scammers don’t represent Egypt , the land of civilization . 
I Just hope that people in charge would realize how bad the situation is and how it affects tourism badly , if Egypt is willing to remain a tourism destination proper actions should be taken immediately .  


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