How is Sharm ElSheikh ?

maxresdefault.jpgTo all Sharm Lovers out there , we have visited Sharm ElSheikh and stayed there for 9 days starting 23rd of October 2016 , here are some updates about the situation there .

The Beginning
We traveled to Sharm ElSheikh on Egyptair from Cairo , it is only one hour flight and it was around 50 GBP .. Cairo’s international Airport was really safe and well managed that we took less than 20 minutes to check in and go to our gate , The flight was safe and service on the plane was great as well considering that it is only 1 hour flight on a small plane

We arrived at Sharm El Sheikh around 03:00 PM and Sharm ElSheikh International Airport was really safe , The Security System has been changed and now a security company is cooperating with the police in the check in processes , Searching and Security Checks , one of the greatest benefits is that the new security staff speaks understandable English .

How is Sharm ElSheikh ?
If we Compare October to any other month in 2016  we can say that Sharm definitely got more tourists , this is because Sharm El Sheikh International Airport is receiving daily flights from Ukraine , so the majority of the tourists are Ukrainian but we can’t neglect the percentage of British , German and Italian people who come on direct flights from Cairo to Sharm .
Most of the staff in Sharm ElSheikh are holding on , still running their businesses , hoping that the situation would get better soon .. But also I met some friends there who are leaving Sharm , people who have worked there for years and really loved the city just like us , people who may have drew a smile on your face before.
some shops are closed , like Adidas and Mother Care and Manchow Wok Restaurant at IL Mercato Mall .
Terrazzina 2 Beach is closed and only the first branch is open , it is currently the best beach in Hadaba Area .
The Egyptian Holiday Makers are not there anymore , and this is because of the children and youth being back to school and universities , so Sharm is not busy at all which is pretty enjoyable but also sad.

“Tourism is recovering , but not quick enough to save those who have been suffering for a year since the UK and Russia banned the flights , Some submarines don’t move all day , some excursions desks don’t make a single trip all day , some drivers earn less than what their petrol actually costs !
If you really love Sharm ElSheikh and would like the city to survive don’t wait for the direct flights to be resumed , you can always fly from Cairo to Sharm  .. “

Thank you so much for reading , if you like the topic please share it , also  feel free to leave your feedback or any questions , Have an amazing day ! 🙂


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