Things to do in Sharm El Sheikh

It’s June , and the weather reached 44 degrees at Sharm ElSheikh  , so it’s time to feel the sand between your toes !
Here are some things should be on your Must-do list in Sharm El Sheikh :

Red Sea

Sharm El Sheikh has got the most unique and stunning diving  and snorkeling spots you can ever find , like the blue hole , Tiran island and much more where you can have fun with the tropical colored fish  , and the stunning corals , and if you are lucky enough , you will swim with the dolphins !

Farsha Cafe

After a long day on the beach sure you would like to sit down and relax , have a cold refreshing drink
Having such an amazing view and decoration made it one of the most famous Cafes at Sharm El Sheikh , it’s Farsha Cafe ,  At Hadaba . it has been built in the heart of a cliff right in front of the sea , there you can either sit  , or lay down enjoying such a view enjoying your fresh drink .

Naama Bay

Who wouldn’t love to pick some memories to keep when the holiday is over ?
At Naama bay , you will find a variety of shops where you can buy some Souvenirs and gifts for friends and family , also there is so many coffee shops and restaurants .

Il Mercato Shopping Center

Il Mercato Mall is where you can find the well known brands like Adidas , Nike , Vans and much more , also well known restaurants like McDonald’s , KFC , Pizza hut , and also Egyptian Restaurants like Onions , and chinese restaurants as well as a lot of gift shops !

Do you love adventures ? looking for new experience that you have never had ? safari at Sharm El Sheikh’s amazing desert would be your best choice !

Finally , It wouldn’t be enough to let you know all about sharm in one article , so another article will be out so soon

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